About Given's Coffee™ & how to Sip & Save KIDS Lives™

Sip & Save KIDS Lives™


Inspired & produced by:  GIVEN LAUER, a Children’s Hospitals Nicu Hero, creator of Given's Coffee™ & Give Full Circle Plan™.  The coffee that Gives Kids Life™ & gives Miracle Parents a taste of relief.  Given’s Coffee™  manifested by Given’s parents during a 103 day journey in the Children’s Hospitals of Philadelphia (CHOP).  Now in stores, offices & homes across the Universe to help others. 

Statements From Parents of Given Lauer

I love Given’s Coffee because it represents families helping families while supporting our Give Miracle Kiddos & the Children’s Hospitals.  We are so grateful for our Give Miracle Kiddo Given & we hope that Given’s Coffee will make a world of difference in your Give Miracle Kiddos life. Love, Given’s Mama -Agata Lauer

I love Given’s Coffee for the cultural togetherness that it will bring to all families & GIVE Miracle Kiddo stories who are involved.  I see it as being a house hold name. It is a wonderful way to start the day by Sipping & Saving Kids Lives, while reading their miracle stories on the back of each bag.  In our hospital stay, a coffee break was all I had to look forward to as a parent during the hard times.  This coffee is for the miracle parents and at the same time, it helps the GIVE Miracle Kiddos with each sip. I am excited to have my son starting out his life with an amazing purposeful product that was inspired by his journey to help highlight other miracle stories along the way.  This coffee has meaning, quality, & a giant reason to bring us all together as one.  Love, Given’s Daddio - Garret Lauer  



GIVEN'S COFFEE™ - A world wide Given Lauer signature specialty-grade coffee for FUNdraising.  Launching with 21 divine flavors of delicious blends. These blends are hosted & named after our GIVE Miracle Kiddo™ Heroes around the Universe.  The coffee that GIVES BACK to Give Miracle Kiddo™ ambassadors directly, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals & to local/international charities that are enrolled in the Give Full Circle Plan.™  Each bag features a unique miracle story and a picture or drawing from our GIVE Miracle Kiddos.  Inquire today to enroll your GIVE Miracle Kiddo story or enroll your charity with our Give Full Circle Plan to FUNdraise for your charity with GIVEN'S COFFEE.  Our 7 Cs of Given's Coffee stand for:  Coffee, Children, Charity, College, Community, Care & Culture.  Sip & Save KIDS Lives!  Feel good on your taste buds & soul while enjoying our fresh brews knowing each sip is supporting great GIVE Miracle Kiddos & Charities globally or locally.  With each bag sold 50% of proceeds go to enrolled charities (30%) & GIVE Miracle Kiddo directly (20%).  Given’s Dad, Celebrity Charity Producer Garret Lauer is currently #1 FUNdraiser in America for Torch Relay for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  As of January 7th, 2022 he has already FUNdraised $148,000 with Give Full Circle Plan programs & Give products such as Given's Coffee, Give Wine, Give Music Tour Bumpboxxes, Give Music Celebrity events etc.   This years 2022 goal is $200,000 for Children's Hospitals.  With your help we can make it.  Thank you for supporting.


Shout out to All our Give Miracle Kiddos & Families who shared their story.


Thank you for your support for our GIVE Miracle Kiddos, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals & Give Full Circle Plan Charities.  To donate direct extra funds visit GIVEtorchRelay.org 

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Email us at [email protected] for corporate events, weddings, large home gatherings, restaurants, & or to sell at your local stores.  Another great way to enjoy is providing Given's Coffee for all of your employees daily.  While they enjoy Given’s Coffee, your company is supporting great causes.  Reach out to reserve your Given's Coffee event tour bus along with our team to be on-site at your event to serve coffee & entertain.